New USPS Privacy Release Added to DotGov’s Casework App

USPSDotGov’s casework app includes more than just a single digital privacy release. It’s dozens and dozens of agency-specific privacy releases that allow constituents’ casework requests to be resolved more quickly and easily.

To meet the needs of our clients, DotGov has updated the workflow and privacy release for the USPS to respond to the significant increase in USPS-related casework requests. An analysis by DotGov indicates that casework requests related to the USPS have increased dramatically since last summer.

DotGov’s new USPS workflow and privacy release includes new fields for tracking numbers and other agency-specific information and removes fields that are not relevant to the USPS, which could be an impediment to a constituent completing the casework request. DotGov’s casework app is optimized for any web-enabled device and includes support for numerous languages for added accessibility.

Best Practices

Based on our decades of experience, DotGov provides our clients with recommendations that reflect proven best practices. Below is a recommendation to respond to the widely-reported challenges that Americans are facing with the US Postal Service.

Recommendation: Contact State & Local Elected Officials

From missing prescription drugs to missing documents that are required for obtaining and maintaining employment, disruptions in the postal service are causing distress for a significant number of constituents. Not knowing where to turn, an increasing number of Americans are approaching local elected officials to seek assistance in resolving their issues with the US Postal Service.

DotGov recommends that Member offices contact local and state elected officials in their district and share the following information.

Dear [Local/State Elected Official],

Residents of the _____ congressional district are experiencing issues with the US Postal Service. From missing life-sustaining medications, to missing legal documents required for obtaining and maintaining employment, these issues are not just inconveniences.

If any of your constituents who live in the ____ district have issues with the postal service that they would like assistance in resolving, please invite them to request casework assistance from my office. Our newly updated all-digital USPS casework request form will expedite the process. My USPS casework request form can be found at:



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