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dotgov innovation labInnovation can be simply defined as a “new idea, device, or method.” On Capitol Hill, innovation means finding and implementing new solutions to better serve citizens. It means redefining what’s possible. Over the last seventeen years, we’ve found that the best solutions come through collaboration with smart and insightful leaders. That’s why we’re kicking off a new quarterly series, the DotGov Innovation Lab.  Every few months we’ll invite innovators from throughout the Congress to discuss solutions to the most important challenges facing them.

Building on discussions at recent Congressional Hackathons, we’ll start our first DotGov Innovation Lab on Thursday, May 31st with ways to better provide constituent service.

The DotGov Innovation Lab is a focused, one-hour collaborative discussion, followed by a reception featuring local, award-winning craft beer from Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, VA. Space is limited. Each DotGov Innovation Lab is limited to 20-30 individuals. If you’d like to receive an invite, please email with your name, position, and contact information to


Founded in 2001, is a pioneer in leading innovation on Capitol Hill. DotGov was the first private firm to host Member websites, and more recently led the committee hearing modernization project, resulting in the development of the SmartPub™ application. DotGov also recently designed and developed CivicApp™, an award-winning constituent service mobile application.

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