We help clients achieve their communications objectives across their neighborhoods, their towns, their districts, their states, and their nations.



DotGov’s DigiFrank™ service provides a cost-effective franking solution that moves constituents online and makes your CRM more powerful.


DigiFrank™ Data

DotGov’s DigiFrank™ data service drives email opt-ins and integrates directly with your current CRM.


DotGov Analytics

With DotGov’s evidenced-based approach to communications and engagement, you receive intuitive, easy-to-read metrics and analytics to track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


DotGov Engage™

DotGov Engage™ provides clients with evidenced-based engagement strategies and tactics and ensures that your CRM is made smarter and more valuable every day.

creative services

Creative Services

With award-winning creative talent at your side, you can more efficiently and effectively educate your audience and drive engagement. DotGov has ready-to-use, proven performer templates. We can also build your dream communication from the ground up.


DotGov Website Hosting

As the first private firm to host websites on Capitol Hill, the DotGov team has the experience and expertise to serve your website quickly and with state-of-the-art security.


DotGov Video

HD video is one of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate. But the cost is often prohibitive. Not with DotGov’s Video solution. Predictable package pricing along with award-winning video production talent can take your communications to the next level.


DigiFrank™ 499s

DotGov’s DigiFrank™ “499” Services provides both a turn-key 499 service as well as a DIY service for in-office 499 production.  Like our other franking solutions, the focus is on getting high-quality, accurate data back into your CRM to make you smarter and more effective.


DigiFrank™ Advertising

With DotGov’s evidenced-based approach to advertising, you deliver highly-targeted messages across numerous networks, including display, PPC, and social media platforms. Contact us to learn how you can reach your audience more efficiently.


DotGov SEO

Whether as a stand-alone service or as part of our award-winning website design and hosting services, DotGov’s SEO services ensure that your content is in front of your relevant audience.


DotGov Mobile Apps

Building on DotGov’s new CivicApp constituent services mobile platform, we provide custom mobile development solutions for reaching several hundred or several million individuals.


DotGov Labs

When you need a solution to a critical challenge, the DotGov Labs team can help with a needs assessment, specification development, and engineering. From the first private hosting of a website on Capitol Hill to conceiving and developing a committee report production platform, DotGov Labs is where people go to get the public’s work done right.

Serve your constituents by offering them a free services mobile app: CivicApp.

Clean, Simple & Impactful

DotGov’s CivicApp™ is the first platform-independent constituent services mobile app.  With no commitment, no large start-up fees, and no development costs, CivicApp™ is a subscription-based mobile app to educate and deliver services to constituents.

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