Send 499s and Franked Mail From Any Web Browser


Getting 499s and franked mail produced and sent in a timely way can be a challenge, particularly with some staff working remotely. With DOTGOV’s new DotGovPO service you can now design and send custom mail pieces to any size audience in minutes directly from your web browser. 

With DotGovPO, quickly create and send highly-customized print communications from a web browser to targeted audiences to alert them to an upcoming event (such as a tele-town hall), educate them on developments on an issue of importance to them, or respond to their concerns on a public policy matter. With DotGovPO, no print communication is too small or too large. Send 50 pieces or 500,000.

Technology and techniques that were once available only to large corporate marketing operations are now available to congressional offices with DotGovPO.  An intuitive, web-based interface allows you to increase efficiency and effectiveness by reaching highly targeted audiences in a manner that is quick, easy, and affordable.

Create an unlimited number of templates or use DotGov’s custom-designed templates. Simply add or select saved text and images, and then review your custom communication in real time. Next, upload your audience list and click submit. It’s that simple. A process that previously took hours or even days to complete can now be done in minutes. Your mail piece will be printed and sent within 48 hours.

Pricing is flexible. The setup fee is $99 and mail pieces are priced on a per-piece basis, so you’re only paying for what you want.  Check out the demo video below and complete the form to learn more.

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Experience, Expertise, and a Commitment to the Environment

DotGovPO leverages decades of experience as a technology pioneer on Capitol Hill with more than a decade of franking expertise. cares about the environment. To put our commitment into action, DotGov formed a strategic partnership with a printing team that is powered 100% by renewable energy sources.

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