Digital Government Forms

Imagine offering citizens easy-to-use web forms that can be signed with a finger or a mouse. The web forms securely transfer data to your existing internal systems and databases and include custom-designed official document templates that are auto-rendered and included with the transmittal to your system.

DotGov’s Engage™ solution doesn’t require any long-term contracts, nor does it lock your agency into any technology platform. You can continue to use your existing back-end technologies.

Technologies change too quickly to get locked in to a proprietary solution that doesn’t provide you the flexibility to use your existing systems that you have invested significant resources in deploying and training staff.

DotGov’s Engage™ solution makes internal and external forms quick and easy and can be deployed and used for a fraction of what proprietary technology platforms charge for similar — and in many cases — less flexible solutions.

As a pioneer in technology development in the U.S. Congress, DotGov.com is now offering its custom solutions to government agencies and leading businesses around the U.S.  Fill out the form to learn more.

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