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Help Solve Problems with Federal Agencies

DotGov FedAssist on a MacBook ProDo your stakeholders have issues with federal agencies? The Social Security Administration? The Veterans Administration?  USCIS?

Regardless of the issue with a federal agency, you can provide your stakeholders a one-stop portal to get free assistance from their Member of Congress using DotGov’s FedAssist web app. Your organization’s branded portal will help ensure your stakeholders can easily see that your organization is delivering value to them when they need it most.

DotGov invented digital casework in the U.S. House in 2016. This is one of many technology innovations DotGov has pioneered on Capitol Hill over the last two decades. More than four out of five Members of Congress now use digital casework. For those Members who do not use it, we connect your stakeholder with their Member’s specific process for initiating a request for assistance with a federal agency.

Membership organizations and companies can now help employees, retirees, shareholders, and other stakeholders easily access congressional casework assistance.

Please complete the form to receive more information on this new turn-key service for your stakeholders, which is available for a low annual licensing fee.


Casework in Congress Congressional Research Service (CRS) report.


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