DotGov FedAssist on a MacBook ProFacing challenges with federal agencies like the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, or USCIS can be daunting for your stakeholders. But imagine if navigating these complexities was as simple as a few clicks, directly linking them to the powerful assistance they need, right when it matters most.

Introducing DotGov’s FedAssist web app – your organization’s gateway to seamless federal agency assistance, branded with your identity. This isn’t just a service; it’s a statement. Show your stakeholders how deeply your organization is committed to their well-being, offering them direct access to their Member of Congress for support, all through a platform that carries your mark.

DotGov is not new to revolutionizing the way we interact with government services. Since launching digital casework for the U.S. House in 2016, we’ve been at the forefront of tech innovations on Capitol Hill, leading the charge in making federal assistance more accessible. Today, over 80% of Congress members use digital casework to streamline assistance requests. For the few who don’t, we ensure your stakeholders’ needs are met by guiding them through the specific processes required.

This is more than a service; it’s an opportunity for membership organizations and companies alike to empower their employees, retirees, shareholders, and stakeholders, bridging the gap to congressional casework assistance effortlessly.

Take the first step towards offering this unparalleled support network. Fill out our form to learn more about how this turn-key service, available for a modest annual licensing fee, can redefine value for your stakeholders today.


Casework in Congress Congressional Research Service (CRS) report.


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