Digital Casework Helps Constituents and District Staff

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There’s only one way constituents can request help with ANY federal agency digitally. That’s with DotGov’s Casework App.

Here’s the reason: Federal agencies require different information on their privacy releases. Some forbid certain information. The result is the need for a variety of privacy release forms. After spending three years developing accurate and complete coding, DotGov’s app now contains all of them. A constituent signs it with her/his finger or mouse. The app then renders the agency-correct privacy release form as a PDF and securely sends it and the casework request data directly to your office’s CMS (IQ, iConstituent, IndiGov, et al).  This contrasts with the current system of faxing, postal mail, and some other approaches that are not accepted by all agencies.

DotGov invented digital casework in 2016. As Jerry Garcia once said of his band, the Grateful Dead, “We’re not the best at what we’re doing; we’re the only ones doing what we’re doing.” Your office could be receiving constituent service requests digitally that are accepted by every federal agency.

This groundbreaking app is a relatively minor expense for an office. Annual subscriptions are just $79/month. Setup is a one-time fee of $99. The question that might come to mind is not why would your office use the casework app, but why would it not? Teleworking district staff could be more efficiently receiving casework requests and agency-specific privacy releases. And constituents could be getting the assistance they need more quickly.

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