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Send Constituents a CARES Act / Covid-19 Informational Mailer

The Coronavirus crisis is causing unprecedented disruption and concern among constituents. It’s difficult to know where to turn for accurate and reliable information about available resources. The CARES Act has many provisions to provide relief.  To help communicate the resources that are available in the CARES Act, DOTGOV has developed templates for USPS franked communications (see some examples below).

Working with your staff, we can customize a mailer for your district. To get a free quote for a mailing to constituents on COVID-19 and the resources available in the CARES Act, please complete the form on this page. A member of the DOTGOV team will contact you with information.

House rules expressly permit Members to send communications regarding threats to life safety. COVID-19 qualifies as a threat to life safety, so mass mailings and mass communications limited to information about the COVID-19 will generally be exempt from the blackout rule.

For specific questions about particular communications your office may wish to send, please contact the Commission directly, at 202-225-9337 (majority) or 202-226-0647 (minority).  You can also submit a request for an Advisory Opinion online.

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