The COVID-19 crisis has increased the number of constituents needing assistance with federal agencies. District offices are working remotely and staff must receive a signed privacy release to begin providing casework assistance. DotGov’s casework app is the only all-digital approach that is accepted by all federal agencies. Constituents can request casework assistance and sign a privacy release on any web-enabled device. With the DotGov casework app, the request and privacy release are put directly into your office’s constituent management system.

In this webinar, DotGov managing partner John Leary will walk-through how quickly and easily the casework app can be adopted (requiring no changes to your office’s normal business processes) and answer any questions.

A veteran district director will also discuss the transition to a digital casework workflow and answer questions about how improving the casework experience for constituents can also improve the experience for district staff.

DotGov Advocacy Project VideoJOHN LEARY

A thirty-year veteran of Capitol Hill, John is responsible for managing DotGov’s eForms initiatives in the Congress and oversees the award-winning digital casework app.

Prior to joining DotGov, John led citizen engagement in the healthcare industry and energy industry.

A third-generation Capitol Hill staffer, John holds a BA from the University of South Carolina and lives in his hometown, Alexandria, VA.


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